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[GENERAL] How often are newsletters being sent?

Date added : 2021-05-07       Views : 333

We, at NewsletterHut, strive to offer the best experience to the subscribers of our publishers. Our tests have shown that in order to maintain the unsubscription rates close to 0% while preserving the impact of our sponsored content as well as increasing...
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[GENERAL] What is NewsletterHut?

Date added : 2021-05-04       Views : 284

To put it briefly, NewsletterHut is an online marketplace that connects advertisers and webmasters and allows both sides to interact in order to buy and sell advertising space within newsletter emails. It would be a completely safe assumption if we...
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[GENERAL] Can NewsletterHut be used as a mass email delivery service?

Date added : 2021-06-05       Views : 278

The short answer is no. To further explain why such an usage is impossible we'll provide information about how the platform works. NewsletterHut does not permit any individual publisher or advertiser to manually send one or more emails to any number of...
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[GENERAL] What does TBD mean when shown instead of the country of the subscriber?

Date added : 2021-07-22       Views : 275

TBD stands for: to be determined.We use this term for subscriptions that were uploaded manually by our publishers and the country of the subscriber has not been fetched yet.The country fetching is handled upon the subscriber clicking a link that...
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[GENERAL] What is the content of a newsletter?

Date added : 2021-05-07       Views : 254

The emails we send have 4 major components and are structured as it follows: The email header, which contains the publisher website's name, the publisher website's logo and a general quote such as: "Our top picks for this week". The first part of the...
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[GENERAL] Can NewsletterHut be used to clean-up email lists for free?

Date added : 2021-06-05       Views : 251

Surprisingly, the short answer is yes. NewsletterHut maintains the email lists collected from our publishers, sanitizes them on a daily basis, and insures that there are no bounces or emails not being delivered, so in theory a webmaster could use...
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[ADVERTISERS] Do I get an insurance for my campaign's open rate?

Date added : 2021-07-09       Views : 224

This is the million dollar question, so to speak. Our network average open rate is between 15% and 48%. This being said, there are various factors that can affect your campaign's open rate, such as the subject or if your targeting is on point based on...
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[GENERAL] Can NewsltterHut be used as a free email collection system?

Date added : 2021-06-05       Views : 215

NewsletterHut offers free storage for email subscriptions and a free JavaScript library that can be used by any webmaster to easily collect email subscriptions from his / her website. Our platform delivers 1 promotional email per subscriber per week from...
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