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[GENERAL] Can NewsletterHut be used as a mass email delivery service?

Date added : 2021-06-05 Views : 303

The short answer is no.

To further explain why such an usage is impossible we'll provide information about how the platform works.

NewsletterHut does not permit any individual publisher or advertiser to manually send one or more emails to any number of subscribers. NewsletterHut's goal is to help mediate email ad spaces between advertisers and publishers, however we are very strict when it comes to the content of the emails delivered. For this reason we can not allow any potential email content that would harm subscribers or make them consider unsubscribing.

For the emails delivered by our system, they follow strict standards when it comes to their content and each individual email undergoes rigorous quality checks to insure the safest possible environment.

Please keep in mind that publishers may download their complete lists of email subscribers at any time and they can choose to send them their own emails via 3rd party services. We do not impose or restrict such actions in any way. We simply do not offer the possibility to make use of our delivery system.

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