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Monetize your website the right way generating passive income even when your visitors are not navigating your pages.

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The first and only website monetization system that offers growth even if your website traffic doesn't increase.

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Understand the process in 3 simple steps

How does the monetization process work?

NewsletterHut allows publishers to collect email subscriptions and monetize them. The first network of it's kind, handling all the expensive requirements of newsletter sending with zero cost for the webmaster, while even allowing them constantly grow their passive income from their website.

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Integrate NewsletterHut's Widget

Once your website is approved by our staff, you will need to insert a line of code on your website's pages. This line of code will add the NewsletterHut JavaScript library to your website and allow the next steps to take place.

This process usually takes anywhere between 1 and 5 minutes depending on how many pages you want to add the JavaScript library to.

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Collect Email Subscriptions

Once the JavaScript library is integrated you will start collecting email subscriptions. A subscriber is a person that was interested in your website's content and would like to be notified via email when you release new content.

Collecting subscribers is a never ending process and it scales with each and every subscription. So... The sky is the limit, literally!

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Collect Your Earnings

This is the part we're all waiting for. The best thing about it is that it's constant and it can only go up since subscriptions never expire and the only way to lose subscribers is for them to specifically request to unsubscribe.

Withdrawing your earnings is also very simple with NewsletterHut. Continue reading this page and you'll see why we say this.


What are the advantages of monetizing
your website with NewsletterHut?

Let us present only a handful of the benefits that you can have access to if you join NewsletterHut. We are confident that once you start taking advantage of what our platform offers you will be able to add even more advantages to the list we're presenting.

Infinite scaling

This is best explained through an example. Let's assume that your website has 100 visitors per day. Out of 100 visitors 10 subscribe to your newsletters. In 30 days you'll have 300 subscribers. After another month 600. After a year...

Free exposure

These days the costs attached to newsletter distribution are very high. With NewsletterHut you are able to have 3 articles of your own choosing in each newsletter sent. You can change and update the content of these articles anytime you wish.

Free list sanitization

We maintain your subscriber list clean and pay all the costs for this process ourselves. Using NewsletterHut means that you get access to features that usually cost webmasters thousands of dollars per month, completely free of charge.

Free collection and storage

We do all the hard pulling. We handle the storage, collection and safety of your subscriber list. You will never have to worry about anything when it comes to technical stuff plus you can download your subscriber list anytime you so desire.


The features NewsletterHut offers within the platform

Now that you understand the benefits of being a part of the NewsletterHut publisher family, you should also have a look at what our platform offers in terms of features.

Real-time reports

You are always on top of your data.

eCPM bidding

You get the most out of each email.

Dedicated account manager

Have someone by your side at all times.

Payments on request

Request your payment anytime you want.

Minimum payout of $10

Your money should be in your pocket.

PayPal and Wire transfers

The most widely used payment systems.

Fast approval

We value your time just as much as you.

Affiliate system

Invite your friends and grow your income.

Custom integrations

Our integrations match your website design.


Policies and Acceptance Conditions

NewsletterHut is an amazing platform that helps webmasters re-engage and monetize their website traffic, however we are very strict when it comes to accepting new publishers because our goal is to offer the best and safest advertising environment. Before applying please make sure that your website is compliant with the below requirements:

Domain regulation

Top level domains have priority, however in some cases we will accept subdomain websites as well.

Regulated adult content

We do not accept websites which produce or provide child pornography, zoosexuality, or contain links to such content

Illegal content regulation

We do not accept websites which engage in, promote or facilitate illegal or legally questionable activities such as pirating and hacking.

Trademark regulation

We do not accept websites which infringe any copyright, trademark, patent or other proprietary right.

Illegal substances regulation

We do not accept websites promoting any type of illegal substance, paraphernalia and/or activity.

Regulation for scams

We do not accept websites promoting illegal, false or deceptive investment advice and/or money-making opportunities.

Hate promotion

We do not accept websites which promote any types of hate-mongering (i.e., racial, political, ethnic, religious, gender-based, sexuality-based or personal, etc.).

Violence regulation

We do not accept websites which contain materials of violence, obscene or vulgar language, and abusive content or content which endorses or threatens physical harm.

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